Design, consultancy, supply and execution of lighting and artificial lighting is one of the first activities of Paya Parto Sepahan since the beginning. Concentration on urban view and artificial lighting of historical buildings as well as utilizing of cultural heritage standards are the factors of innovation and creativity of required equipment and tools for these kind of architectural projects. Of course these achievements are results of several years of the company expert’s efforts.

Using of new and on today technologies specially LED lamps and powerful softwares with regards to optimization of energy is facilitating a wide range of activities for PPSCo in commercial, residential and official buildings and industry projects. The connection between the above mentioned experiences with smart home is developed a very important progress in PPSCo’s abilities.




1-      Engineering, Installation & Commissioning of Persian Gulf International Airport – Airfield Lighting Control System

2-      Design, Consultancy and Execution of Artificial Lighting Projects (Isfahan Jame Mosque, Isfahan Chaharbagh Traditional School, …)

3-      Design & Consultancy Services of Isfahan Golestan Martyrs – Overall Lighting System, Artificial Lighting and Paging System

4-      Design, Consultancy and Execution of Urban Lighting System – Streets, Parks, …

5-      Consultancy and Execution of Isfahan Satellite Site – Lighting System

6-      Study & Consultancy Services of Tehran Billboards – Lighting and Artificial Lighting

7-      Design, Consultancy and Execution of Shab Neshin Garden Restaurant Complex - Lighting and Artificial Lighting